Oct. 17

Bloody Eye: Bad Hops and Good Fortune

Harrison Hall

Bob Hall has lost count of how many pairs of $20 sunglasses he’s purchased for his 13-year-old son, Harrison. And with each new pair Harrison has left in a John’s Creek, GA Little League dugout and smashed at the bottom of his backpack, his dad has become less inclined to fork over another twenty bucks.

So when Harrison approached his parents about buying him a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets for baseball, Bob was understandably unmoved. But rather than reject his son’s request outright, Bob and his wife elected to turn the request into a lesson in responsibility: Harrison could get the Flak Jackets if he paid for them with his saved birthday and Christmas money. Their thinking: Maybe he’d learn to take care of them if he bought them himself.

But the opposite happened: Harrison’s Flak Jackets took care of him.

While fielding ground balls at first base during practice, an especially hard-hit grounder took a funny hop off the lip of the infield grass, bounced up and hit Harrison squarely on the left lens in front of his eye. The impact was so powerful that it stripped the Fire Iridium lens coating from the lens in a perfect circle. People heard the sound of the collision from a hundred yards away.

“Had he still been wearing the flimsy sunglasses, I think he definitely would have had a problem with his eye,” Bob says. “They might have pushed in more or cracked. He could have had shards of plastic in his eye.”

Instead, Harrison suffered nothing more than a small cut at the top of his cheek and some mild swelling and bruising around his eye. His Flak Jackets absorbed the impact without breaking or cracking. In fact, after icing his wound for the rest of the day, Harrison was back on the field with his team the following afternoon.

“Although we’ve been hesitant to buy Oakley sunglasses for him in the past, that changed in one instant,” Bob says. “It’s a great product.”

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