Paying Homage to the Art of Female Skateboarding


Skateboarding and photography know no gender. Both are creative outlets open to interpretation and exploration. While skateboarding has a long history as largely a man's world, that reputation has drastically shifted over the past few years. You have the likes of Leticia Bufoni headlining X Games and the Lisa Whitakers documenting the progression.

That progression hasn't gone unnoticed. Which is why, for its closing weekend, Oakley In Residence: Los Angeles hosted "LA WOMAN" – a homage to the art of female skateboarding, featuring the stars and scenery of the city where it all began. Curated by photographer Amber B. DiAnda, the exhibition was a modern day love letter to the 'city of angels'. Featuring six photographers and one filmmaker, LA WOMAN highlighted the exploration of landscapes, liberty, and ladies of the skate scene; reminding us of the co-existence associated with creative expression and our cultural surroundings.

What follows is some of the featured work and artists who brought the pieces to fruition.


Australian-born Amber B Dianda now resides in Southern California. Amber wears a lot of hats, including animator, creative director, photographer, and most recently, the curator of the “LA WOMAN” exhibition. Amber is best known for her black and white portraits and comical stop motion animations. She has exhibited her work all over the world, most notably at the famous Parisian boutique, Colette.

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LETICIA BUFONI – “It’s inspiring to see women making a mark on a male dominated sport like skateboarding. Leticia is a true badass, and I’m excited to see where her career takes her. I wanted to shoot a portrait of Leticia that captures what an incredible woman she is.”


Andrea Dosouto discovered her passion for photography by spending countless hours in the streets shooting the city life and her many friends skateboarding. These experiences sent Andrea off to travel the world in search of a life of spontaneity, capturing the world around her, and sharing the stories of the people she meets.

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PARTY SUPPLY – “Los Angeles is a city of contrasts, and every street has a life of its own. Depending on what turn you take, you can see how one decision can change your life forever. For good or bad, this photo represents the opportunities and inequalities of LA. I like to show skateboarding in its environment, and to tell the story beyond just a trick. This is my friend Christian in Downtown LA at a skate spot that doubles as party supply store and someone else’s bed.”


Largely self-taught, Deanna Templeton has taken her photography from homemade zines to museums worldwide, including shows at the Museum Het Domein in the Netherlands, the Australian Center for Photography, and New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles. She currently lives and works in Huntington Beach with her husband Ed Templeton.

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UNTITLED – “I was the passenger in our car, and I saw the sign while stopped at a light. I gravitate towards words, be it on signs, shirts or skin – I try to read quickly to see if it’s something I’m interested in and then if the answer is yes, I shoot."


Imogene Barron is a stylist, creative director, and photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. She originally grew up in Avalon, a small beach town in Sydney, Australia, but has since taken her creative career around the world, including work with adidas Originals, Levi’s, and Nike. As a Fashion Director she has held ranks at Oyster, Yen, and Dazed & Confused Australia, as well as contributing to titles such as i-D, Monster Children, Black, and Dazed and Confused.

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UNTITLED – “I love a city you can hide in, and at times let it consume you. Los Angeles vibrates on an entirely different level than the rest of the world. There is so much happening at any given time, but whether you choose to engage in it or not is entirely up to you. This is a photo of my friend Teresa in the back of my car on a beautiful afternoon in LA. I love shooting photos of Teresa, as she's one of the happiest people I know, and that magical euphoric energy really shines through.”


Magdalena Wosinska was born and raised in Katowice, Poland, but in the '90s was transplanted to Arizona. It was then that she began shooting skate photos at a mere 14 years old, and at 19, Magda packed up and headed to Los Angeles. Since then she’s published multiple books, including “Bite It You Scum” (2010), “This Grass Is Electric” (2012), and “The Experience, Vol. 1” (2015), that have spawned traveling solo shows throughout the US and Europe.

When not traveling, Magdalena and her dog, Captain Pickles, spend their time at their home in Highland Park, gardening, riding motorcycles, and taking in all that LA has to offer.

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MONDAYS feat. Leticia Bufoni


Originally raised in the swamps of North Florida, Molly Steele is an adventurer-turned-photographer who’s currently based out of Los Angeles.

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MY FANG – “I went here with a friend who I loved. It was a great day. On the way home he asked me if I liked his hair, but I was still thinking about this rock, and no, I didn't like his hair. We are not friends anymore, but the rock is still there.”