The premier frame in this exclusive eyewear family takes aesthetics to an entirely new arena, and it would not be possible without the world’s most advanced structural technologies. Oakley Elite C SIX utilizes pure carbon fiber, a material thinner than human hair yet stronger than high tensile steel. This breakthrough innovation from the aerospace industry is blended with resins and assembled into structures more than 40 layers thick. Five-axis Computer Numeric Control machining carves and shapes the composite with a process that requires more than 24 hours of continuous tooling.

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The Oakley Elite Collection is produced in extremely limited quantities and can be found at these exclusive dealers:

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  • Computer Numeric Controlled machining with 0.002" precision
  • 24 hours of continuous tooling
  • Hand assembly
  • Hexalobular bolts for improved impact protection
  • Oakley High Definition Optics
  • Iridium® lens coating for balanced light transmission
  • Oakley HDPolarized Sheild Oakley HDPolarized lenses
  • Oakley Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Sheild Oakley Hydrophobic/Oleophobic lens coating

C SIX™ Aluminum

  • Computer Numeric Controlled machining with 0.002" precision
  • Anodized and clear-coated aluminum components
  • Hand assembled, hand finished and hand polished
  • Oakley High Definition Optics
  • Optional Iridium lens coatings for balanced light transmission
  • Oakley HDPolarized Sheild Oakley HDPolarized lenses
  • Oakley Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Sheild Oakley Hydrophobic/Oleophobic lens coating

Oakley High Definition Optics®

C SIX™ C SIX™ Aluminum
Weight 42 g 54 g
Frame Material Carbon fiber composite Aluminum plus carbon fiber composite
Substructure Beta Titanium spine Beta Titanium spine
Lens Curvature 8.75 base 8.75 base
Optical Precision ANSI Z87.1 rated clarity and performance ANSI Z87.1 rated clarity and performance
Impact Protection ANSI Z87.1 rated for high mass and high velocity ANSI Z87.1 rated for high mass and high velocity
UV Elimination 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm
Glare Reduction 99% filtering plus anti-reflective (AR) coating on backside of lens 99% filtering plus anti-reflective (AR) coating on backside of lens
Image map of the signatures Carlos Reyes Paul Crosby Chinh Nguyen Steve Ogren Gardner Wade Chris Goodman Byron Ferrise Jonathan Thompson Neil Ferrier Peter Yee Colin Baden
Colin Baden
Elite CSIX Signature Plate

Colin Baden


When I look at the work we do here, it feels like I have these internal meters. If they’re all not at a nine or a ten, you just know that the hunt needs to continue.

Legend has it Colin Baden once splashed water in his own face during a meeting just to demonstrate the hydrophobic properties of Oakley sunglasses. That’s how passionate he is, and that’s partly why the C SIX program has been such a success. After architecting the very building from which he now runs the company, Baden joined Oakley as design director in 1996 and became president in 1999. His is now Oakley’s commander-in-chief.

Peter Yee

Senior Design Director

I would describe Elite as the pinnacle of art and technology for us at Oakley. It’s wearable art. It’s wearable technology.

Although Peter Yee is armed with an industrial design degree, he says he rarely looks at eyewear to inspire other eyewear. Instead he looks at the world around him heavy machinery, plants, animals, weapons, cars, furniture, and so on. By appreciating and studying the beauty within those objects, he can better translate it to the Oakley products he designs.

Neil Ferrier

Advanced Product Development

I’m a horrible critic of other products when I buy them. I’m rarely 100% satisfied with the item I purchase. Sadly, it seems to be the default that too many corners are cut and too much effort left out. So my design philosophy is pretty simple, I want to tirelessly do everything possible to create a product I can sit back, look at and lust after owning.

Growing up in Scotland as a self-proclaimed gearhead, Ferrier ultimately wrote his Master’s thesis on carbon fiber. Given that background, Ferrier says, the opportunity to lead the advanced product development team on C SIX was akin to being asked if I’d like the power to fly. Having the free reign to create the best piece of eyewear we could was an incredible experience and one that’s learning’s will filter down into all future work.

Steve Ogren

Global Eyewear Development Manager

My design and product development philosophy is a bit masochistic. I honestly enjoy hearing talented manufacturing engineers says words like impossible’ and never’ when we’re working on a new design. If Oakley’s blends of design and technology were easy to create then we would be like everyone else and the market is already too full of those. When I hear words like this I know we’re on the right path.

A former professional motorcycle racer with degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial design, Steve spent a decade working for a single company. But it wasn’t until his first interview at Oakley that he realized what was missing: passion. He started here as a product engineer but has ridden his passion all the way to the level of ultimate responsibility for development of all metal and acetate sunglasses and ophthalmic eyewear.

Byron Ferrise

Product Development Engineer

You’ve got to love when the bossman says, ‘Make the coolest s**t possible.’ That’s a dream for an engineer, and C SIX is exactly what he asked for. To be able to walk into the office everyday and work on that is pretty cool.

Byron Ferrise is a blonde-haired Nebraska boy and a three-year Oakley veteran. His work with wire and acetate frame development was integral in the development of the C SIX design. An avid surfer, boxer and basketball player, Byron embodies Oakley’s deeply rooted need to play as hard as it works.

Jonathan Thompson

Product Development Engineer

When I was charged with developing the hard case and packaging for C SIX I knew it had to be a worthy introduction to the technical masterpiece it would contain. Cast zinc icons, piano hinges, trap doors, opposing magnetics, and laser-etched, serialized nameplates saying this is just a box is like saying C SIX is just a sunglass.

A Southern California native, Jonathan Thompson is the son of a preacher and a first-grade teacher. Prior to his arrival at Oakley, Jonathan designed after-market performance parts for Toyota’s TRD and Nissan’s Nismo performance brands.

Carlos Reyes

Vice President, Research and Development

Paul Crosby

Owner, Crosby Composites
Carbon Fibre Visionaries

We start by layering seventy-five plies of carbon files into a mold, cure that at high temperature, and after that there are twenty to thirty hours of machining necessary on that particular blank in order to make it a usable pair of sunglasses.

Paul Crosby was a professional race engineer before founding Crosby Composites in the United Kingdom in 1982. For nearly 30 years his team has provided composites engineering solutions for F1 teams, World Championship Rallying, Sportcar Racing, and limited edition roadcars.

Gardner Wade

Director of Engineering

The product needs to be [awesome]. Period. On C SIX there was a point in development where the hinge was small and normal. I threw it out and we re-designed it from scratch. At Oakley, we expect and demand high performance.

Gardner Wade was raised on an organic farm in North Carolina but moved to Southern California to be closer to some of the best surfing on earth. After graduating from San Diego State University, Gardner opened his own surfboard shop and worked on colorization of Ted Turner’s black and white film library. But as the son of an architect father and an artist mother, Gardner says his true passion is industrial design, which was instrumental in his work on ideation, sketches, materials and process for C SIX.

Chris Goodman


When I’m handed a new project, my first thought is how can I make this better?’ It then becomes a constant battle with the engineers between radical and reality. I guess you could say I’m a toy-maker for big folk.’

Chris Goodman, who majored in film at UC Santa Barbara, was the lead computer modeling whiz on the C SIX project. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chris refers to himself as a CAD jockey. (CAD is an acronym for computer-aided design.)

Chinh Nguyen

Supplier Quality Engineer

C SIX eyewear sets the benchmark for design, engineering and quality for other eyewear brands to follow. There’s none like it on the market.