Elite Assault Boot

Oakley’s partnership with the U.S. Armed Forces began in the 1980s. The alliance was formed to develop new technologies that improve the safety, comfort and performance of our soldiers. This initiative in research and development continues to produce combat-ready equipment. From the billions spent each year on defense, these are some of the dividends.

When the U.S. Elite Special Forces needed footwear for assault missions, they came to Oakley. The lives of these soldiers depend on their gear, and there can be no greater compliment to a company’s dedication to performance technology. The military put Oakley’s design through the punishment of endless marches, fast-rope helicopter insertions and low-altitude parachute jumps. Every specification had to exceed the combat performance profile for durability, comfort and protection.

After testing in urban, mountain, desert, snow and jungle environments, the boot was deemed worthy of the U.S. Elite Special Forces. A high-performance variant of this military hardware was made available to the general public.

The idea behind the Elite family is to exceed “the best” in order to achieve the ultimate. Put simply, we wanted to make a design that could take soldiers to hell and back. The new Elite Assault Boot answers that wish with everything we envisioned and more.

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The Oakley Elite Collection is produced in extremely limited quantities and can be found at these exclusive dealers:

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  • Puncture-resistant sole that utilizes Lenzing material
  • Outsole that resists oils, fuels, chemicals and UV light
  • Inner layer of CarbonX for heat/flame protection
  • Durability of full grain leather
  • Panels of breathable CarbonX CX for heat/flame protection and slash resistance
  • Ergonomically optimized geometry with enhanced load-bearing stability
  • Soft temper for instant comfort and silent movement
  • Athletically inspired design for unencumbered performance and agility
  • Climate control of moisture wicking liner
  • Gusseted tongue to block debris entry
  • Low-friction lining with anti-microbial treatment
  • Prime shock absorption of lightweight polyurethane
  • Jump-ready design with over-the-ankle boot shaft
  • Traction of directional lug geometry in outsole
Upper Technology
Primary Outer Technology Premium Quality Full Grain Leather, Grown and processed in the USA.
Secondary Outer Technology Carbon-X® CX fire resistant and slash resistant textile made with a blend of Carbon Fiber and Stainless steel.
Linings Fire resistant Carbon-X® Knit surrounding the entire foot.
Internal Construction Breathable foams sandwiched between breathable layers of fire resistant material.
Trims Military grade speed lace loops, eyelets, and laces.
Insole/Midsole/Outsole Technology
Footbed Military grade PU Comfort Midsole with moisture management topcloth.
Midsole Molded PU with integrated shank for rugged flexibility and support.
Outsole An original Oakley design molded By Vibram® from Military grade rubber that is impervious to most chemicals and drip resistant in fire. Tread is designed to provide traction in all surfaces while reducing the sound signature in use for silent operations.
Puncture Resistance Multi layer inner sole featuring an integrated layer of puncture resistant Lenzing® Material designed to pass the rigorous SATRA® Standard TM37.