Oakley Elite Collection

Awarded more than 600 patents, Oakley has earned its place at the pinnacle of design and innovation since its first invention in 1975. Oakley’s research and development teams continually experiment to break the boundaries of convention. Enter Oakley Elite: Inventions that represent the rarest design concepts and the most innovative technologies on the planet.

  • Oakley Elite Eyewear

    Oakley has spent decades achieving technological milestones in the field of optics. The Elite collection of eyewear pushes the realm of possibility with innovative new optical technology and breakthrough design.

  • Oakley Elite Timepieces

    We let imagination shape innovation to bring the time-honored heritage of Swiss watchmaking to new milestones of possibility. The Oakley timepiece collection is recognized for its standards of excellence, and each instrument is crafted with unrivaled architecture and world-class technology.

    • Time Bomb II
      Time Bomb II
    • Full Metal Jacket

      The Oakley FMJ comes with a single watch face that can be used as a conventional wrist watch or a pocket watch.

  • Oakley Elite Footwear

    The idea behind the Elite family is to exceed “the best” in order to achieve the ultimate. Put simply, we wanted to make a design that could take soldiers to hell and back. The new Elite Assault Boot answers that wish with everything we envisioned and more.
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