O ROKR Support

Quick Reference Guides Size
Usa_fl_sm United_kingdom_fl_sm Quick Reference (English) 255 KB Download
Spain_fl_sm Mexico_fl_sm Referencia rápida (Spanish) 180 KB Download
France_fl_sm   Référence rapide (French) 181 KB Download
Italy_fl_sm   Riferimento rapido (Italian) 180 KB Download
Hungary_fl_sm   Gyorsreferencia (Hungarian) 212 KB Download
China_fl_sm   快速参考 (Chinese) 164 KB Download
Japan_fl_sm   クイック・リファレンス (Japanese) 440 KB Download
Users’ Manuals Size
Usa_fl_sm United_kingdom_fl_sm Users’ Manual (English) 813 KB Download
Spain_fl_sm Mexico_fl_sm Manual (Spanish) 628 KB Download
France_fl_sm   Manual (French) 602 KB Download
Italy_fl_sm   Manuale (Italian) 627 KB Download
Hungary_fl_sm   Felhasználói kézikõnyv (Hungarian) 1.8 MB Download
China_fl_sm   手册 (Chinese) 7.4 MB Download
Japan_fl_sm   マニュアル (Japanese) 5.4 MB Download

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