Warning!Lenses may be inserted only in specified models and pursuant to the following instructions.
Failure to comply will adversely affect the optical performance and the lenses may not remain in place, causing interferences with vision.

Radar Lens Removal

  1. With two fingers carefully pinch the two nose bridge tabs inward.
  2. Then push the nose bridge towards top of sunglasses until lens releases from top.
  3. Then pull lens down and out.

Lens Removal

Radar Lens Installation

  1. Insert the tab on the right side so it is fully seated. Arc the lens outward slightly to insert the left lens tab.
  2. Pull the top of the frame completely over the top of lens while pushing the lens inward with both thumbs.
  3. While frame is completely over top of lens push the nose bridge forward so it snaps into place.

Lens Installation