Oakley Electronics Take To Vegas Pools


Anyone can switch on an iPod, MP3 player or radio to listen to music. Why not find a new way to rock out at the pool?

The objective: create brand awareness. The place: Vegas, baby. The audience: anybody with a pulse that beats for sport and active lifestyle.

The 2008 Oakley Electronics Pool Bash Event Series is coming to a close. Offering Oakley Electronics demos, bumping the newest music on the market across all genres, dropping product knowledge and doing it all poolside – not a bad way for the team to spend part of their summer.

Let’s recap:

Wet Republic:

A booth positioned right next to the open bar at the MGM Grand Wet Republic Pool. Guests viewing, trying on and asking questions about the product in between a total party scene. Swimsuit models, waitresses, bar tenders and pool staff rocking out in our electronics while enjoying the poolside festivities. The AquaCabana Magazine models raffled away O Rokr™ Pro, Split Thump® and Thump Pro®, delivering a detailed product presentation before announcing the winners.

Stirling Country Club:

The scene was more chill, but the crowd was definitely hands-on, spending more time in our tents. The press turned out to capture the event so our team got to step in front of the mic with the Players Network and TV Rebel.

Tao Beach:

Prime position at the corner cabana next to the bar. The demos continued and the crowd enjoyed trying on the product. Raffle winners got to spend time with the models – an electric scene.

Rio Sapphire Pool:

The Series concludes tomorrow afternoon at the Rio Hotel. Check out this month’s issue of Maxim under the article “48 Hours In Vegas” to find out why the Sapphire Euro Pool is the place to start any trip.