Own the Dirt


The O-lab is in the Carolinas and the news breaks that we are going to an Own the Dirt event! We are so stoked. It’s going to be held at a great track in Blacksburg, South Carolina and hundreds of motocross dealers and pro riders are coming! We can’t wait to show everyone the technology behind Oakley’s latest MX goggles and, of course, tear up the track.

It’s a beautiful, summer-like fall day, and brightly colored leaves are falling from the large oak and maple trees surrounding the incredibly designed Iron City course. The O-lab is perched on a lush, green knoll overlooking the entire venue as Oakley’s Shawn Hinson and Kelly Bickford work into the night preparing for an amazing event.

Early on Sunday, the 12th of October, the final touches are added to the course, including a final groom of the track, which will make the riding fun and rewarding for all participants. The event is set to kick off at noon and lots of dealers and pro riders are beginning to arrive. Every participant is eagerly touring the O Lab before receiving a custom pair of Oakley MX goggles, which will be sure to help them see every twist and turn, enhancing their riding experience.

The first rider hits the track around noon as the deep and powerful sound of modified four-stroke engines gets louder and louder finally mellowing down in the early evening.

O-Lab team members, Nick Legare and Kyle Donahue got to ride a few bikes from Iron Horse Motorcycles in Monroe NC. Shawn Hinson and Kelly Bickford also rallied a couple bikes around the course. As one can imagine, we had the most rad time ever!

The whole event was a huge success and many thanks go out to Preston Hampton and everyone from Iron City MX for all the great food and music. Thank you Shawn Hinson for putting this event together and all your hard work. A big thank you also goes out to Kelly Bickford, Jay Dempsey, Ryan Miller, Ty Stout, Emily, and of course Rob B. Lets do this again next year!