The O Lab Learns to Fly Fish

fly 030

Every year anglers, dealers, and buyers come to Denver Colorado for its huge Fly Fishing retailer event that lasts for three action packed days. Enthusiasts from all over the country and the world gather to see the newest and best in gear, movies and fly fishing’s top anglers.

The Rolling O lab has such a great presence there, giving Oakley a towering stand above the other displays. The lab had almost 200 people in and out of it through out the show with some of the just recently debuted fishing movies playing on the big screen outside the trailer.

“It is very easy to relate Oakley’s optical quality and impact resistance to fly fishing.” said one angler that came through the lab. He also told me that during a cast, a fly can travel at over 200 miles an hour making competitors glass lenses obsolete in that situation as far as safety. Having the O Lab on hand to help get that point across, Oakley is securely establishing itself at the top of the fly fishing industry.

With Jason “J-Lo” Lozano getting people through the lab and Oakley’s own and star of last years “Running Down the Man” , Frank Smethurst on sight to give some casting lessons it, made for an educational stop all the way around.

We would like to thank Jason Lozano, the man that’s putting the extreme in fly fishing, Kurt O, Tim Drnec, Steve Genzler, Tom Faukner, and anyone else that we forgot that helped to make this another great event.

Happy casting!