MackDawg Celebrates 20 Years with Premiere at Oakley


Kicking off ASR season once again, Oakley topped all previous world premieres by adding even more flavor to this year’s MDP Film’s dual showing. Not only was this the 20th anniversary for MDP Film’s with Double Decade, but also the showing of Down with People – the future of freestyle snowboard films, if not already taking that title.

Oakley partnered with Transworld Snowboarding Magazine to showcase a museum dedicated to the 20 years of photography shot on location at the two dozen plus videos shot over that time period. This museum was placed in the best possible place at headquarters, the Oakley Museum right next to the amphitheatre, which received huge reviews.

Additionally, the West Coast Regional Rolling O Lab was parked out front to entertain all industry visitors and host the back drop for Fuel TV’s “Blue Carpet Special.” Definitely look for this BC Special in the coming months, it was truly epic and hilarious the footage that was shot; from the early afternoon one-on-one interviews with all the past, present and future stars of MDP Films to Preston Strout getting all the delicious scoop on the dance floor.

By 7pm all the heavy hitters began to arrive from the crushing Finnish rippers of Jussi, Eero, Heikki and Andreas to legends of MDP Films of Pete, JP, and Jeremy. It was great seeing past stars of Dawger videos, aka – Jamie Lynn mingling with future of snowboarding stars like Austin Smith. Food, drinks, music and visual eye candy were the pre-game entertainment.

The first premiere was Down with People, which I have to say is really pushing the limits of freestyle snowboarding with the likes of Joe Sexton, Austin Smith and more. If you have not seen last year’s Transworld “Video Part of the Year” Winner shred you need to get out and buy this film ASAP.

With a short intermission everyone filed back into the theater to catch the highly anticipated Double Decade. From the opening commentary to Pete Line’s closing comment (well after the credits), Dawger and crew knocked this one out of the park. To talk about the film would almost be an injustice to the hard work that went into making it… but one can easily state that Eero, Heikki, Jussi, JP, Bittner, and crew take it to the next level once again – and the history making moments over the past 20 years and commentary are priceless for any die-hard snowboard fan.

Big ups to Fuel TV, Matty, Hotell, Chelsea, Evert, Shelton and everyone for making another memorable premiere night at Oakley HQ.