Rolling O Lab visits Optical Heights

OpticalHeights 035

The newest O Lab made its maiden sea voyage on its journey to Long Island from Boston, MA. That said, the crew was reminded again of the size of the rig and its limitations for transport. After some maneuvering to clear an underpass to reach the Port Jefferson Ferry in Bridgeport, CT, the rig had to wait for a second ferry to accommodate its height and width. The second ferry easily fit the Lab though and it rolled on without difficulty to cross the Long Island sound.

Upon arrival, the team was greeted to quite possibly the most enthusiastic optics retailer yet at Optical Heights in Roslyn, NY. Diane and everyone at the shop welcomed the crew with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. The day began early in the morning and ran into the setting sun. Consistent tours were given to well over 200 people throughout the day. Everyone that went through the lab was given a raffle ticket for multiple raffles held throughout the day for Oakley product. Along with the entertainment provided by the Lab and the raffles, two BBQ’s helped keep everyone well fed. It was definitely one of the busiest days seen by the lab in the northeast.

Big thanks go out to Diane, Karen and everyone at Optical Heights and local rep Joe Mata for pulling this event together.