Oakley CEO Meets w/ China Press


Oakley’s CEO Scott Olivet arrived into Beijing on Tuesday afternoon to check out the Oakley Safehouse, cheer on our top athletes, visit with accounts and meet with the Chinese press.

Today started out early with the dynamic duo of Rodgers and Dalhausser taking home gold for Oakley. He followed up meeting some of our Chinese athletes who were visiting the Safehouse for lunch. This afternoon he met with six different media outlets from around China, including Modern Weekly, which has over a million copies in circulation.

Being seen as a global brand, Oakley’s current and future presence in China continues to grow on a daily level. Thus the Summer Games being in Beijing with over 530 Oakley athletes participating, it was a huge boost having our CEO present in the capitol city. Scott was able to educate the media on our legacy, our innovative products and future growth into other areas such as apparel, Rx and Uniquely.