Oakley Safehouse Popular Destination in Beijing


The Oakley Safehouse has been a hot spot in Beijing for the world’s best athletes. From breakfast to dinner, athletes have been flowing through, meeting the Oakley team, building custom eyewear, filming interviews, playing air hockey and Wii, checking email and just relaxing.

“I can really see a direct correlation between athletes spending time in the Safehouse and wearing their Oakley eyewear,” says Oakley Sports Marketing Manager Megan Pura. “The Austrian beach volleyball players came in yesterday. We built custom eyewear, played some Wii and sent them on their way. That night they wore Radar with Clear/Black Iridium throughout night match.”

Here are just some of the athletes who stopped by Monday and Tuesday:

Rafael Ribeiro (Brazil)
Jens Voigt (Germany), cycling
Stuart O’Grady (Australia), cycling
Frank Schleck (Luxembourg), cycling
Andy Schleck (Luxembourg), cycling
Phil Dalhuasser (USA), beach volleyball
Elainie Youngs (USA), beach volleyball
Ricardo Lione (Italy), beach volleyball
Nino Schurter (Switzerland), MTB
Florian Vogel (Switzerland), MTB
Anna Sanchis (Spain), cycling
Yeseña Centeno (Spain), marathon
Rosa Morató (Spain), 3000 steeple chase
JJ Ahedo (Argentina), cycling
Julian Dean (New Zealand), cycling
Jason McArtney (USA), cycling
Kurt A. Arvesen (Norway), cycling
Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg), cycling
Ken Wallace (Australia), kayak
Glen Cheatley (New Zealand), cycling
Tim Gudsell (New Zealand), cycling
Sean Wroe (Australia), 400m track
Ky Hurst (Australia), 10km Open Water Swim
Larissa Franca (Brazil), beach volleyball
Alexander Horst (Austria), beach volleyball
Florian Gosch (Austria), beach volleyball
Julius Brink (Germany), beach volleyball