Oakley's First Gold Medal


Oakley’s Samuel Sánchez of Spain stopped by the Oakley Safehouse today, after winning gold in the men’s road race on Saturday. The Oakley team cracked open a bottle of bubbly while Sanchez signed some Radars and showed off his prestigious bling.

“My team was great,” said an ecstatic Sánchez, “I think I may be had a little bit of a surprise because the rest of the riders weren’t thinking that I was the strongest rider on the Spanish team. The entire Spanish team rode extremely strong today. It’s like a dream. I can’t believe I just won the gold medal; it’s something out of this world. The heat and humidity were extreme today, there were only five of us on the team but we were all at the front.”

“The pressure was on Valverde and Sastre,” he explained, “so that gave me the opportunity. I saved my legs for the final lap and when I won it was a victory for all of us.”