Oakley Safehouse Opens to Athletes


It’s been a flurry of activity at the Oakley Safehouse in Beijing, which officially opens Saturday, August 9th. The Oakley team has been working overtime for the past two weeks preparing the penthouse, which will host athletes and media for the duration of the games. The language and cultural barrier proved to be an obstacle throughout the 12 months of preparation, but you wouldn’t know it from the polished finished product.

The 330-square-meter room offers a sense of modern simplicity in one of the world’s most chaotic surroundings. Athletes and media are welcome to relax in the comfortable lounge lining the wall-to-wall windows with sprawling views of Chaoyang Park and the city skyline. From 10am-10pm the Safehouse offers food, a hosted bar, state-of-the-art work stations, a live DJ, movie room, Wii station.

Located in Block 8, a popular restaurant and nightclub complex, the Safehouse is situated between the third and fourth Ring Roads minutes from Beijing’s convention centers, 5-star hotels and Olympic venues. Within the complex, one can find six venues from one of Beijing’s best restaurants to a swanky rooftop terrace.

Oakley athletes are invited to come by and relax, eat and meet up with the Oakley team. Athletes are offered an Oakley backpack filled with an Oakley umbrella, rain jacket, technical t-shirt, technical hat, water bottle and Oakley Olympic pin. Athletes are invited to create their own custom Olympic colored Radar and Flak Jackets.