Oakley/New Era Kick off X Games


Oakley and New Era kicked off the X Games in style last Wednesday, July 30th at the Key Club in Hollywood. Lil Jon hosted the event fueled by Muscle Milk that featured performances by Kelley James, Eclectic Method and T-Pain.

Celebs like Micsha Barton, Sophie Monk, Barry Bonds and Christina Milian mingled with Oakley A-listers like Ryan Sheckler, Danny Kass, Alistair Whitman, Julian Wilson, Sebastian Zietz, Grete Eliassen and Simon Dumont. The VIP room offered respite from the mayhem upstairs. Guests picked up grab bags of swag from Oakley, New Era Skullcandy and Muscle Milk.

As for the scene, who better to recap that EXPN.com’s professional scenester John Symms:

When it was time for the music to start, Lil’ Jon fooled everybody into standing up for the opening act by getting up on the stage and saying “yeah.” Once that was over, things got cool again with a duo of DJ’s called Eclectic Method. EM got the crowd moving with mashups of popular songs set to mashups of sometimes unexpected videos. People watching the screen might have caught a glimpse of Hillary Clinton lip synching along with Kanye West.
T Pain

Not to be outdone by Hillary’s video karaoke, T Pain took the stage and showed the crowd that Mrs. Clinton was not the only person in the bar capable of lip-synching. T Pain’s DJ blasted his hits at the increasingly energetic crowd in 30-second bursts. Pain added to the excitement by dancing to the beat and periodically putting a microphone to his lips during the lyrical sections of the recording. Midway through the T Pain set, Lil’ Jon got on stage, passed around a bottle of Patrón, cried “yeah” a few more times, and then handed the mic back over to T Pain, who then proceeded to actually sing into the microphone. And it was really good. The DJ said “put your hands up, make some noise,” and the crowd happily obliged, and I’m sure that everybody left feeling uplifted, optimistic, and totally stoked for more X Games.

Also the party will air on two different segments of Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit” next week.

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