It's The Law


July 1, 2008 brought a new choice to the driving game: to talk, or not to talk?

A question answered sternly by the firm arm of the law in the form of fines, violations and trouble for driver’s accustomed to burning through wireless minutes like James Stewart on an MX Track.

You can’t talk on your cell phone while driving – hell, you’re not even supposed to dial.

So free your hands – and the law won’t follow. When hands-free environments are required, Oakley Bluetooth®-enabled electronics come to the rescue.

O Rokr™, O Rokr Pro™ and Razrwire™ combine to help you keep up anytime, anywhere with one-touch calling that makes a fashion statement out of wireless mobility.

When talk time remains a priority in the face of stiffening cell phone regulations, we’ve got your style-meets-performance solution.

For FAQs on “hands free” cell phone laws, check out your state’s info.

Please note: this link is provided for informational purposes only. Oakley has not verified the validity of the information on the site.


Newbear Lesniewski


July 30, 2008