Oakley's Rolling O Lab Visits Mount Hood


Oakley’s new Rolling O Lab truck spread Oakley cheer and education to hundreds of young snowboarders and skiers while parked at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon the second week of June.

Thousands of people make the pilgrimage to Mount Hood every summer, where a glacier makes year round shredding possible without changing hemispheres. Since the early ’90’s Mt. Hood has served as the epicenter of snowboard photography, videography, creativity, and industry firsts.

The Rolling O was set up in the village of Government Camp, where all the summer camps are based. Tons of foot traffic from the captive campers along with visitors passing through made for a jam-packed week of Oakley presentations. Oakley passed out t-shirts to everyone who made a lap through the mobile R&D facility. The product giveaways off the roof of the truck were a big hit with the young exposure addicts.

The Rolling O gave Oakley a dominating presence right in the heart of the summer snow scene. The Lab took over “Govy” and showed hundreds of young Oakley customers the effects of glacial glare and the need for impact resistance and technically sound optics.

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