Retro Spectacle

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BLENDS, one of Oakley’s new core boutique accounts in Downtown LA, was the setting for the Retro Spectacle on Thursday, July 10th.

There was a massive turnout for the event in which 30 pairs of an extremely limited pair of Frogskins were released. The sunglasses were difficult to create (they could not be mass produced given the nature of their design) so a handful were released and, as expected, sold out. With a line spilling into the street, BLENDS had to distribute raffle tickets because there were too many people to the count of limited Frogskins that were being released. The 30 winning tickets got the chance to purchase one of the BLENDS – Oakley Frogskin collaboration.

DJ Pube$ provided sounds throughout the evening as people consumed drinks provided By Red Bull and 42 Below vodka. Oakley also fulfilled the retrospect part of the event. Classics such as the Eyeshades, Razorblades, Blades and original Frogskins were all on display in pristine condition, showcasing the rich history of Oakley. Oakley also displayed the product that started it all-classic bike grips.

Fastforward to the present, when Oakley displayed the Artist collaboration pieces, the one-of-a-kind eyewear created with limited artists. The Frogskin re release program was also on display to show enthusiasts how Oakley has come full circle.

The event moved next door to Bar 107 with a huge turnout for DJ Dax. Oakley providing the drinks and Dax providing the sounds, making for a great end to a great night. Big shout out to everyone involved at Blends and Bar 107 and thanks to all of the patrons for showing love to Oakley and making it out to the event.