DOD Chop Saw Construction Doesn't Slice M Frame


Kenneth Barnett works construction and plumbing at Fort Bragg.

“I was in the process of working on a ten inch water line that had to be repaired. As I was cutting the pipe with a gas-powered chop saw, I ran into a problem.”

The problem? Kick-back from the blade – a FOOT-LONG circular saw blade.

“I had no control over the blade as it came toward my face. It actually went across my Oakley [M Frame®] sunglasses and sent the saw in a different direction.”

The image showcases the potentially lethal path of the saw. It also illustrates technology that refuses to yield – even to foot-long, gas-powered saw blades.

“I work daily with about 45,000 soldiers and cannot wait to share my story with them.”

We’re glad to help spread the message of safety.


Newbear Lesniewski


July 11, 2008