Foul Ball: 40 MPH Doesn't Fill Canteen


“Merry Christmas!”

The salutation followed the rapid unwrapping of a box containing a pair of Polarized Oakley Canteen™ sunglasses. Five months later, on May 11, 2008, Mr. Ketring was at Little League practice when a rapidly advancing baseball connected directly with his face.

“The ball was traveling about 40 mph and it hit the sunglasses directly on my left eye, resulting in ten stitches. The glasses saved me from further damage, absorbing most of the impact. And even though the lenses were scratched up from hitting the ground, they didn’t break.”

“I work for the Fire Department and wear the glasses every day because I know they’ll stand up.”

The image attached? Yep, that’s Mr. Ketring – five days AFTER he was struck by the ball.


Newbear Lesniewski


July 11, 2008