Kira Sheppard Signature Surf Camp


Florida scores summertime mini swell and it couldn’t have come at a better time!!!

Thirty-two impressive and energetic young surf girls joined myself, Kira Sheppard and fellow surf girl friends in our first ever Kira Signature Surf Camp presented by Oakley and Ron Jon Surf Shop. The Camp took place in Cocoa Beach, Florida… home of many well accomplished world traveling surfers and one of the world’s best locations for aspiring surf girls to conquer their surf dreams! Our purpose behind the event was to lead these young promising girls down a very positive path of healthy eating, hydrating, and keeping active. As a professional athlete, I stressed importance in living this much encouraged lifestyle!

We broke down our message into four basic categories. Taking care of your body’s health, keeping a positive attitude (in and out of the water), putting effort towards sun protection, and remembering your surf etiquette and manners are all amongst the important messages we passed on.

Every participating camper put forth an incredible level of effort towards these categories and gleamed with their energetic smiles radiating on the beach!
Oakley and Ron Jons put forth tons of prizes and awards for the aspiring athletes. Campers were absolutely ecstatic when receiving everything from Oakley shades, shoes, board shorts, t-shirts, hats and more! Ron Jon’s Surf Shop also contributed tons of support and product for this positive, non-profit event. Without Oakley and Ron Jons, we couldn’t have put together such a success! Amongst the loads of prizes and giveaways we also included goodie bags filled of Wet&Wild cosmetics, YMCA gym memberships, Surfer Magazine subscriptions, premium subscriptions, X-trak grip pads and wax, Water Magazine subscriptions, Hawaiin Tropic sunscreen, Cytomax sports drinks, and a delicious and healthy lunch from Dakine Diegos!

Many, many thank yous go out to all who came together for this very unique and memorable event!

Aside from our Top-of-the-line and fully supportive sponsors we offered the girls some of Florida’s best experienced women instructors. Many thank yous to our very impressive instructors and long time friends including Jessie Restivo, Melody DeCarlo, Ashley Bobb, Ashley Francis, Erin and Erica Dippilito, Amy, and Lauren McClean.

And in conclusion to this sunny and fun-filled productive event, I’d like to thank all the girls who participated and wish you the best in your new found outlook on a healthy active lifestyle. Stay in the water and see you all again soon!