Rolling O Lab visits the Canadian Grand Prix

Canada 402

On a muggy weekend in early June, one out of a series of eighteen Grand Prix was held on the beautiful Ile Notre Dame in Montreal, Canada. During the long weekend, the island bustled with over 300,000 enthusiastic race fans in the stands and throughout the venues lush, park-like landscape.

The three day event, which included many qualifying rounds, culminated on Sunday, June 8th in an exciting contest for the best car and driver. A combination of speed and the design of the course proved to make it a formidable race even for the most experienced racer! Polish driver Robert Kubica captured his first Formula One victory just one year after surviving a potentially life-threatening crash.

The Rolling-O-Lab posted up within throwing distance from the track and directly after the courses infamous hairpin turn. Hundreds of race fans from Canada and all over the world toured the Lab and learned about Oakley’s superior optics. With standing room becoming a hot commodity on race day, the “crows nest” and hospitality trailer provided a great view as well as a cool place to beat the heat. At times the line for the lab was over sixty people deep. Many of these people stayed afterward to watch Oakley’s new wakeboard movie, Push Process, and too try our new wrapped mini-bike. Oakley Canada’s Matt Melancon took care of the food and beverages and brought in some fun and gorgeous Oakley girls to liven up the party. Thanks man!

Also, a big thank you to Pierre Martin, Steven Melanson, and Jake Trottier for giving lab tours in French, taking photos, and for all your help.