National Account Crew Converges on New Orleans


By nature, Oakley Tech Reps. are bred to charge any obstacle presented to them, and overcome it. This year’s mid-year meeting in New Orleans was more than a chance to discuss business; it was an opportunity to collaborate on one of our most important tasks as American citizens. Amidst the typical debauchery on Bourbon Street, there still remains a society that is continually rebuilding toward a stronger and brighter NOLA. The National Account crew could not pass at a chance to get in on the action and proceeded to jump in headfirst. Working with an organization called, &rlquo;Rebuilding Together’, one of the many Americorps sponsored groups still at work, the Oakley crew helped to restore a beautiful and historic home in the Broadmoor neighborhood. During the day the crew was able to re-paint the exterior of the house, re-floor the interior of the house, as well as replacing windows, adding quarter round trim literally everywhere, and laid the foundation for a new kitchen floor. The transformation was becoming visible, only as the scale of the overall task began to set in. This was one day’s work at one house and while it seemed like a lot, it is not even a percentage of the work that still needs to be done. There are volunteers still contributing as much as they can on site but these organizations continue to need as many resources as possible and if you are interested in helping please visit the Rebuilding Together or the Americorps sites.

Mad love to Cambria for controlling a group of 16 Oakley a-holes (and getting them to do work). Props to Kerker for working the saws all day so that no one would “chop off any fingers”. Much respect to Ana and Rebecca for being the only two females in the crew and holding their own in a house full of sweaty and smelly dudes. Celebrity appearances by Big Ben, Fitzy, and E-Man were reported throughout the day, not to mention Garin, CN and all the others who got their “GC” on. However, everyone who left that day took with them a strong feeling of community, service, and great memories from the house that Oakley helped re-build.

In the end it is clear that New Orleans is a city up to its beads in culture, nightlife, and characters all around (with just a few more on this week). And if you go don’t forget to drink plenty of water in between, bring extra T-shirts, and pay with cash…because you never know who is back home watching your credit card statement online. PEACE!


James Smat


June 16, 2008

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