Oakley, Inc. today announced the release of ENDURING, the world’s first sport performance eyewear made exclusively for women. Created in collaboration with the company’s top female athletes, ENDURING™ addresses all the perform¬ance needs of today’s woman while giving her the style of a freshly original, uniquely feminine design.

“Oakley ENDURING™ bridges the gap between form and function to offer female athletes the performance, protection and fit they need, and the style they deserve,” said Colin Baden, presi¬dent of the company. “Oakley evolved in the world of action sports, serving the uncom¬promising demands of world-class athletes. Our impressive roster of female athletes gave us a wealth of insight into the wants and needs of today’s active woman. We applied this insight and the knowledge that came from decades of optical innovation to create a world first, the only sport performance eyewear truly made for women.”

Until now, female athletes have been forced to compromise performance, comfort and style by wearing sunglasses that failed to address their specific needs. The fit of the frame has always been a key issue, so Oakley analyzed every aspect of female cranial anatomy to create the best possible fit for women. Baden continued, “Women know ENDURING™ is different the moment they try it on. This is performance eyewear that fits right, feels right and stays in place. A precise fit isn’t just a matter of style — it’s a matter of performance, and that’s why we put so much effort into creating design geometry specifically for women,” Baden concluded.


Staff Writer


May 07, 2008