Go Fish


The concept was simple, put an invitation out for a day of fishing, fun, and competition. The most unique Oakley core shop employees tend to show up. Any reason to take a beautiful Monday off from work and cruise the Pacific Ocean, with some of your industry friends. Either way Oakley picked up the tab and put up some prize money for best team weight, biggest fish, and most original costume. Each team also received a pair of Oakley square o collection polarized eyewear.

As the Dana Pride motored out of the Harbor it was nothing but clear skies and some of the calmest seas of the year. The seventy-five shop employees, media, industry friends, and Oakley athletes all loaded on one boat. The fishing would come, but first it was off to see a pod of Dolphins. After being treated to a Sea World worthy show, we set sail for the first fishing spot.

After a few lack luster spots the crew hit their stride reeled in Calico bass after Bass. Spinner lures seemed to be the trick and Dave Froning from Active Ride shop Escondido had what it took. No one thought much of the mild manner skate shop employee from 30 minutes inland till he started to pull in keeper. The raw energy of Spyder 1 and 2 was evident due to their miniature costumes. Alonso and the team reeled in a few, as well as the crew from HSS Bella Terra.

In the costume portion it was a shootout between Spyder 1 & 2, dressed in cowboy costumes, and small black underwear. The only thing these guys and girls take more serious than costume contests is tan lines. After all the votes were tallied it was the total team spirit and matching uniforms that scored the Malibu Becker Team first place and $500.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and the entire crew from Dana Point Sport Fishing.

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See everyone next year!

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Liam Barrett


April 30, 2008