Around the Bloc


On Monday night Oakley invited 300 friends to the Nicholas Robinson Gallery in Manhattan to showcase the artwork and Artist Collaboration sunglasses of Frank Kozik, Todd Francis, The London Police, Will Barras, Art Chantry, C100 and Andrew Petterson.

In a format unlike Oakley has ever attempted before, “Around the Bloc” drew a hip international crowd to a spacious gallery in Chelsea for a night of art, music and design.

“It’s really cool for Oakley to show its other side,” said artist Andrew Petterson, who showcased his artwork alongside his hand painted Frogskins. “Tonight is a successful example of Oakley branching out from sports and competition and reaching out to its art and culture roots.”

DJ Neil Armstrong and DJ Relm pumped beats throughout the two-story venue, which upstairs displayed the art and sunglasses of the seven artists. The expansive walls and minimalist design of the gallery on West 20th gave the art generous room to breathe and showcased the Artist Collaboration sunglasses as true pieces of artwork.

Downstairs Red Bull cocktails quenched those waiting in line to design a custom t-shirt. “Hit & Run” brought their unique screen printing press and offered guests a choice of designs from Oakley artists. Partygoers also received a make-your-own-Frogskins kit, which included retro Oakley Croakies and a booklet describing Oakley’s Limited Edition program.

“I’m really enjoying myself tonight,” said Munich-based C100, who showed his ’09 Frogskins. “I did a collaboration with Prada and my experience with Oakley has been much better. I really appreciate how much influence Oakley allows the artists to have. I knew some of the other artists before tonight, but for some, it’s the first time I’m seeing their work and I really like it.”

“Around the Bloc” was a groundbreaking event that showed an influential crowd that Oakley values artistic expression as much as optical superiority. The enlightening event captured the essence of the Artist Collaboration and Limited Edition programs like never before.