Heli Guides Fly Oakley


Oakley is pleased to announce a new partnership with Salt Lake City, Utah-based Wasatch Powderbird Guides. WPG has been operating in the Wasatch Mountains since 1973 and has established themselves as one of the premiere heli ski operations in the country.

The entire team of WPG guides is now using Oakley eyewear and the operation’s two helicopters are visibly Oakley branded.

“We are starting what we anticipate to be a long-term relationship with a company we trust,” says Wasatch Powderbird Guides General Manager Kevin O’Rourke. "The service we can provide is promotion. Our guides get the product out in front of a high-caliber customer. In return, we get access to top-notch product for our guides.”

The guides at Wasatch Powderbirds will put Oakley’s eyewear to the test, from Utah to the icecap of Greenland.

“Heli guiding is a demanding environment for products,” says O’Rourke. “We operate in a lot of different kinds of light. Oakley has a variety of lenses that really fill each niche, from sunny aspects to shady powder slopes. It’s the best product for us. It’s comfortable, it fits well, and the lenses match our needs. Our guides ski with 2-3 pairs and swap ‘em out depending on conditions.”

When it comes to heli ski guiding, accurate visibility isn’t just a convenience, it’s necessary for safety.

“Being able to read snow from the ground and the air is crucial for us,” says Kevin. “Good vis goes hand in hand with safety.”

Check out Wasatch Powderbird Guide’s wide variety of trips in Utah, South America and Greenland.



Tess Weaver


February 22, 2008