10 Minutes With: Amanda Beard


25-year-old, seven-time Olympic medalist Amanda Beard stopped by Oakley Headquarters near her hometown today to tour the facilities, walk through the ’08 women’s line and talk about everything from Oakley to the Dead to Beijing…

What do you have going on outside the pool right now?
I’m working with FoxSports.net, doing correspondence work for the Best Damn Sports Show, Period. I’m also doing dating advice for esponthemag.com. It’s half video diary of my training getting ready for the Olympics and half dating advice.

How did you first get started with Oakley?
I remember I got my very first pair in 1996 in Phoenix at a swim meet. I was so stoked. I made sure I kept them in the pouch and took very good care of them. I kept them forever and wore them to death.

You took a couple years off. How does it feel to be back?
Fun. It’s really hard. I forgot how little sleep you get and how tired and hungry you are all the time. But it’s nice because you can eat whatever you want.

What’s your training routine?
I swim 2-3 hours in morning, go back to the house, work with my trainer an hour and half of core, box for 30 minutes and spin or do yoga in the evening.

You do quite a bit of volunteer work. Where do you spread your time?
I’ve done some work for pediatric AIDS and breast cancer research. But my main focus is wildlife. I’m a huge animal person. I have three dogs and wish I could adopt more. I’ve done some PSA’s for Defenders of Wildlife, focusing on strengthening dolphin-safe tuna labels. I worked with Wildaid to save sharks.

Saving sharks?
I love sharks. The best celebration after Beijing would be to charter a boat and go shark diving for a week.

You’re somewhat of an entrepreneur?
I’m working with a company on launching some basics—shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It’s aimed at people who are active and spend time in the pool, the ocean or the sun. I’m making it for athletes or people on the go…it’s easy to travel with.

I heard you wanted to open a boutique?
I would love to. It’s kind of the plan. I’ve always had a thing for retail. A lot of people hate retail, but I really like fashion and I’d love to own a high-end clothing boutique that reflected my taste in clothes. But it’s definitely a full-time commitment. Maybe when I start opposing out kids…

How do you have time for everything?
It’s always interesting. I get really frustrated when I look at my calendar, but I just look at one day or the next and what I need to immediately accomplish and then I don’t’ get overwhelmed. When you figure out how to balance everything, it gets a lot easier. I still have time to get manicures and pedicures.

What is your perfect day?
I would include getting a full night’s sleep, waking up and having a kick-ass workout and killing all the boys. I’d come home and box with my trainer for an hour. Then I’d have the rest of the day to hang with the dogs, shop, and go to the bookstore and then to a movie.

Greatest fear?
Hard-shelled creatures. Cockroaches, beetles… I hate those things. I didn’t mind the tarantulas in Tucson; they don’t bug me as much.

Who do you admire?
I look up to my dad. He’s a big jock and athlete and he’s always been there for my. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. He gives me all my dating advice.

Consider your greatest achievement?
It would have to be my gold in 2004. It was my first individual gold at the Olympics and it was so damn nice. IT was a really fun moment. All my family was in Athens with me. My family gets so stoked.

What do you most value in your friends?
I don’t have a lot of friends, but I take my friendships really seriously. I like to have deep relationships with my friends. I don’t take friendship casually. I would do absolutely anything for my friends and I hope they would do the same for me.

Why have you stayed with Oakley?
It’s a good company—the name is strong. You know if your glasses break there are people who can fix them. They are a very friendly company.

I feel like I have really cool sponsors I’m really proud. Oakley reaches really well with my demographic and who I am. It just goes really well with me. I’m not a mainstream swimmer; I have outside hobbies and activities, that’s why Oakley is a great fit.

Will you be rocking Grateful Dead on your Split Thumps?
Definitely. I listen to music while my massage therapist gets my muscles ready before I walk over to the blocks. It’s usually mellow music like the Grateful Dead to put me in a nice, calm mood. I have enough adrenalin; I don’t need to listen to rap.


Tess Weaver


December 20, 2007