Right Coast Tour Stop


After blowing out Lake Tahoe and Salt Lake City, the Rev Tour traveled east to make its debut in New England at the Red Hook Brewery. Located in Portsmouth, NH the brewery served as a central geographic location for all accounts involved. Ski areas and shops throughout New England were represented by their finest, packing the room to fire code. The hype that is the Rev tour had gotten around the northeast. Being from NH, I experienced this first hand after flying in a few days early and getting the low down from my homies back east. Word had definitely spread about this tour and the kidz were stoked to be a part of it.

With the Rolling O Lab trucks out west for the western mountain stops, the entire event was held indoors contrary to the previous two stops. As the crowd entered the building VIP badges were handed out at the entrance of the venue, side stage. Just past the stage was an entire wing designated for the goggle bar where a line formed. The line entered and exited the goggle bar leading directly to the fun bar. While the beer flowed and goggles were assembled, Adam Racioppi took to the stage front and center. Without the O Lab parked outside, 20 person clinics suddenly jumped to a onetime 300 person optical clinic.

After some minor crowd control, a mic’d up Adam “Impact” got to work. The laser prism test shot down the center of the room, splitting the crowd in half at a distance of 35 feet. The heat on Adam could definitely be felt. After an impeccable educational clinic, the crowd came away more knowledgeable of the technical aspects of Oakley optics. The effects were expressed to the local Oakley crew immediately following the clinic, as well as in the days following the event.  Tom Price from the Retail Division at Killington Resort couldn’t contain himself, “The clinic although a great time definitely didn’t skimp on the details necessary to make our employees a selling force when it comes to goggle sales, hats off to you guys for an unbelievable event!”

At the end of the clinic more time was allotted to assemble the final goggles, toss out choice Oakley apparel and gear up for Trouble.  After 4 hours of goggle building frenzy, going through almost 400 pair of goggles and more than a couple layers of skin it was time to crown the goggle design king.  It was a hard fought battle as the winner of the contest was going to get a chance to come out to X-games in Aspen, CO with the Oakley Crew for 4 days of all access X-games mania. But there could be only one and this year Steve Levandowski of Sartorius Sports in Avon, CT would be crowned king.

After a solid performance in Salt Lake City, Trouble continued his onslaught of rockin’ out the Rev Tour in New Hampsha fo Damnsha. The night was closed out by a final performance by MC Impact. Big up to everyone involved including Aaron, Mark, Nelson, Trevor, BK, Zach “the basket” Weaver, Andee, James, Jason, Bob, Crystal, Rachel, Candice, Jon, Tyler, Tanner, Justin and the all important Rolling-O Crew of Adam and Micah; it couldn’t have been nearly the success it was without the help of all involved….get ready for next year.