Salt Lake City Mayhem


The Oakley Revolution Tour rolled into downtown Salt Lake City for the second stop in the barely controlled chaos that is Rev Tour 2007.

Building on the momentum of the Northstar-at-Tahoe event, Oakley wanted to continue our own special brand of retailer education and bring the love to the shop staff that have helped and supported us from the beginning.

The Recipe Seemed Simple:

  • 83 feet of Rolling O Lab (mobile R&D facility)
  • Build your own goggle bar stocked 500 pair deep
  • Kick ass venue- The Depot in downtown SLC
  • DJ Knucklz on the wheels of steel
  • Trouble Andrew rocking the crowd
  • Refreshments (lots of refreshments)
  • A fistful of Oakley’s top Snow Pros
  • Tons of T’s, cozies, lanyards, stickers etc.
  • 450+ people from the surrounding accounts and assorted members of the UT snow community.

The result was nothing even resembling simple.

The night started promptly at 7:00 pm with the Rolling O quickly amassing a 75 person line to get in and DJ Knucklz getting the party going inside The Depot. Many thanks to the folks at The Depot for having an interpretive view of some of Utah’s liquor laws and letting the party spill out onto the sidewalk in front of the bar (Adam, Bridget – your glasses are on the way).

Oakley offered attendees a hell of a deal – spend the time to go through the Rolling O Lab and you then get to choose any frame/lens/strap/outrigger combo you want for your very own pair of customized Oakley goggles (needless to say there were a lot of takers). Slightly over 300 people from local snowboard / ski shops made their way through the Rolling O Lab with another couple dozen snow athletes mixed in for good measure.

All night long people were blown away by the science Adam Racioppi, Bryan Shelton, John Trask and Micah Murray steadily dropped on the crowd.

I think Aaron Bittner put it best, “after tonight it should be obvious to everyone here that Oakley goggles are the best performing product on the market.”.

Once they negotiated the Lab and the coveted “magic wristband” was applied, it was off to build the goggles.  To see the mayhem happening at the goggle bar you would have thought that Oakley was giving away hundred dollar bills … oh wait, I guess they were. Judging by the haggard looks on the faces of the local grassroots athletes that helped assemble the goggles for the Red Bull fueled crowd, the goggle bar was a very popular item on the Oakley buffet.

While the action was pumping outside at the Rolling O Lab and inside at the Custom Goggle Bar there was also a steady stream of T’s, lanyards, stickers and cozies coming down from the balcony. One red headed Oakley rep in particular seemed to be intent on “making it rain” down onto the crowd.

As Knucklz wrapped it up, the pros in attendance threw their own signed goggle creations into the crowd – can you say “feeding frenzy”? Add to that enough outerwear to outfit the Angels, a fistful of signed Frogskins and snow machines making it look like Friday night in Ibiza, and it’s a miracle the roof didn’t come down.

Trouble Andrew hit the stage and the party shifted into sixth gear. He played a tight although somewhat abbreviated set (sorry Trevor) and absolutely rocked the house. Hopefully he will give us a chance to make it up to him with a repeat visit to SLC, I promise to make all those girls behave a little better. If you get a chance, download Trouble Andrew on iTunes tonight.

After more than six long hours of education, entertainment and refreshments the action finally died down. In the end it was Oakley’s UT sales crew (Kim, Ty, Curtis, Ryan-the-intern and Tuttle) left to peel the three foot die cut fists off of the dance floor, and Ryan Evert (King of the Rolling O) and his crew wondering what else could be done to top this stop on the tour (can you say Loveland, Loveland and Breckenridge)?

When I asked him what he thought, Ryan Evert said “this is the most impactful thing I have been a part of at Oakley, I hope our retailers are stoked, and I can’t wait for Colorado.”

It was a killer evening and it’s safe to say that everyone in attendance felt the love in Oakley’s very special way. Lastly, could whoever took the four foot fist ice sculpture please return the tray?

Retailer Quotes:

Susie Weaver, Director of Retail, Park City Mountain Resort
"The Oakley party was awesome. My employees had so much fun at the goggle bar creating their own styles. They liked the demonstrations in the Rolling O Lab and came to work the next day raving about the whole night."

Jason Turner, Milosport Orem
“Yeah it was awesome! Never going to ride anything different! The o lab was cool and informative. Good times for sure."

Josh Kaufman, The Click, Owner
“Thanks for the great time, you can talk about performance all you want, but seeing it with your own eyes in the lab makes all the difference.”