M Frame Saves Junior Cyclist Eyesight


To Oakley,

My name is Matthias Krizek. I am a Junior Cyclist from Austria. I would like to thank the manufacturers at Oakley. I believe that my Oakley M FRAME® glasses have saved my eyesight and possibly my life.

On May 21st I was riding for the Austrian National Team in a Junior World Cup race in The Netherlands and Belgium, the Three Days of van Axel. Much of this race covers the route used in the Tour of Flanders by the Pro Tour. This was my first experience of riding Cobblestones.

It was the final of 4 stages and I was in a good position to place in the top 10 overall, when my crash occurred. Another cyclist crashed on the Cobbles just a meter in front of me. I had no chance. I did a 1 and a quarter summersault at over 45 km/h. I landed with full impact on my face and knee. More details are difficult to say, as I have a memory blackout of about 15 minutes. All I can remember is that I put my Oakleys back on and wanted to keep riding, which was not possible. The doctor treating me said I was very fortunate not to have a broken cheekbone or permanent damage to my eye or brain. The Oakleys saved me from a very tragic end.

I have been wearing Oakleys for the past 4 years. They were recommended to me by my trainer. He said that they were the best quality and best protection for your eyes in the world. My crash has proved this to be true.

Again, I would like to thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I will be able to continue my season in preparation for the World Championship without too much problem or delay.


Matthias Krizek


June 23, 2006