MM: Adam, when did you join the crew of the Rolling O Lab?
AR: The end of December, a few weeks before our first event.

MM: Being on the road as an ambassador of sorts for the brand must be pretty cool and tough at times… What goes into a typical day on site at an event?

AR: Well there’s always the set up. Depending on how many of us there are and what the weather’s like, that can take a few of hours. Then it’s a full day testing High-Def Optics, and depending on the event, we either break it all down or batten down the hatches for the next day. Then we usually end the day with some food and the occasional drink to calm our nerves.

MM: Do you know how many miles the Rolling O Lab has accumulated since it’s first days on the US Highways?

AR: We have it all in a book we call “The Bible,” but I don’t have all the totals at the moment. I can give you some pretty close numbers though. I think we’ve traveled over 40,000 miles, had about 75 setups, and brought more than 10,000 people through the truck.

MM: What has been your favorite stop thus far and why?

AR: That’s a tough one because the Lab has rolled through some pretty amazing places. There have been so many great stops… New York City, Las Vegas and Canada. I really enjoy the sporting events; we’ve hit everything from MLB Spring Training to MotoGP at Laguna Seca.  But honestly anywhere I go with this crew is a pretty good stop.

MM: Talk about the process of giving a full demonstration for your visitors?

AR: We take people on a walk through tour of Oakley’s Rolling R&D Lab. Once inside the Lab visitors can experience all 8 tests encompassing ANSI Z.87.1. These are five optical, two impact, and one UV test that Oakley lenses must pass to meet these high safety standards.

MM: What was your background before this and how has that helped you with this new position at Oakley?

AR: I was working with Lib Tech and GNU (Mervin Mfg.) for the last few years. Mervin is also a company that is continually pushing the limits with new technology and research so the transition to Oakley was easy. When you have the best product and you believe in it, it’s easy to convey that to people.

MM: Talk about your crew, what makes you guys click and pull off some gnarly travel, set up and events continually on time?

AR: Things do get pretty crazy, but no matter what happens, everything always comes together. Ryan picked a great bunch of guys; I don’t think it would be possible without such a good crew and all the support we get from everyone at Oakley.

MM: You just gave a presentation to two VPs of North America from Luxotica at Vision Expo West; feel any extra a pressure when giving presentations to certain people?

AR: I definitely do sometimes, but when you’re the only one talking and the entire room is listening to you… you learn to get over it real quick.

MM: So what are your remaining stops this year?

AR: We have another race coming up pretty soon in Vegas, a few retail stops, and then we start the “Own the Mountain” tour.

MM: I hear they are going to throw a big party for you guys at the O, do you hear from the road how much of a positive impact the crew is providing Oakley?

AR: We get a lot of positive feed back and that definitely gives us fuel for all our events. We appreciate all of the support from everyone, and look for us soon in a town near you!


Matt Murray


October 17, 2007