Stanley Cup Visit


The most coveted ice hockey club championship trophy in the world, the Stanley Cup, stopped by Oakley Headquarters for 15 minutes today. Oakley employees had the opportunity to take their photo with the famed "Holy Grail."

The Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in North America, is surrounded by numerous legends and superstitions. One being that no player should touch the Cup itself until his team has rightfully won the Cup. Adding to this superstition is some players’ choice to neither touch nor hoist the conference trophies (Clarence S. Campbell Bowl and Prince of Wales Trophy) when these series have been won; the players feel that the Stanley Cup is the true championship trophy, and only it should be hoisted.

The Anaheim Ducks captain and Oakley athlete, Scott Niedermayer never came close to the CSC Bowl; the Ducks won the Stanley Cup in five games.


Staff Writer


October 08, 2007