O ROKR™ Pro is the latest addition to the Sports Performance line of eyewear, joining RADAR, FLAK JACKET and THUMP Pro™. O ROKR Pro takes the design and advanced sweat resistance of THUMP Pro, combines it with the Oakley Hydrophobic™ lens treatment found on Radar and then injects it with state-of-the-art Bluetooth® Stereo Technology from Motorola.

With O ROKR Pro, wirelessly listen to your music, whether it’s on your iPod® or your favorite Bluetooth Stereo-enabled phone. Just use the buttons on the frame to select songs on your Bluetooth Stereo music-streaming mobile phone or iPod. O ROKR Pro also offers the convenience of hands-free wireless communication with a compatible mobile phone — which means it also works as a Bluetooth headset, except there’s nothing to clip on your ear and the conversation comes through loud and clear in both ears.

O ROKR Pro provides:

Advanced Sweat-Resistance. Just like THUMP Pro, O ROKR Pro features advanced sweat-resistance, so it can withstand any marathon session. On top of that O ROKR Pro adds the new Oakley Hydrophobic lens coatings.

Absolute Freedom. Absolute freedom of Bluetooth Stereo wireless technology from Motorola. Which allows you to wirelessly listen to your iPod and connect to your mobile phone.

THUMP® is a registered trademark of Thump Records, Inc. and is used under exclusive license.


Staff Writer


October 01, 2007