O Lab Travels West


After such a successful Eastern Canada visit, we decided to turn the Rolling O Lab westward and head to the Edmonton City Marathon.

Due to time constraints, we had to move out of Montreal right away! But no worries, its was only a small 45 hour straight drive, which included eating and sleeping in the truck, bathing in lakes, and avoiding moose, bears, and hitchhikers, we managed to roll in for the start of the event on the 10th of August.

The O Lab definitely had a presence at this years Edmonton City Marathon, as over 2,800 competitors received their bibs 10 feet away from the lab. Participants were eager to find out how Oakley High Definition Optics would shave time off their run or help them finish the race in general! Hands down the Oakley Radar and Flak Jacket were a favorite among the athletes. With HDO lenses, and a great fitting, lightweight O-Matter frame, how could it not be?

Our second stop in the west was 3 hours south of Edmonton to the home of the Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.

Tuesday the 14th, we set up downtown Calgary on the corner of 4th and 17th ave. Hundreds of people attended a presentation during our first day in Calgary, which included dealers, members of the media, and general public.

We were all stoked to find out that Calgary wasn’t only about rodeo’s, but also about skateboarding, as we checked out one of the sickest outdoor skatepark’s in Canada!

The next day the Oakley O-Lab wasn’t only a rolling laboratory, but also a rolling BBQ, as we pumped out more than 200 hamburgers and smokies for the head office of Forzani Group Ltd, the largest sporting retail group in Canada. Who isn’t pumped by a good old fashion BBQ, Red Bulls, sun, and a draw including the newest time piece, the Holeshot?

Unfortunately times up for Alberta, off to beautiful British Columbia.

Next stop…. my home, Whistler!!!


Tyler Porteous


August 27, 2007

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