At Oakley, we’ve spent decades raising the bar for sport performance eyewear technology. Game-changing product innovation has reinvented the way athletes see the path to the finish line. And refusing to sacrifice aesthetics makes them look good on their victory lap.

Now we’re changing the course of history by releasing the first runs of new Oakley eyewear styles as Numbered Editions. These design originals redefine the mesh point of imaginative science and inventive art. Only 2000 units of each style will be distributed worldwide.

Because Oakley was founded as a company hell-bent on making athletes better, we’re introducing Numbered Editions from our Sport Performance category first. Serialized versions of Radar™ and Flak Jacket™ are now available online in limited quantities.

And because no athlete embodies the ethos of history-making athletic dominance like Lance Armstrong, we’re also introducing the Livestrong Radar™ and the Livestrong Flak Jacket™.

Coming soon: the evolution continues with unique Women’s and Square O Numbered Editions.


Newbear Lesniewski


August 30, 2007