At Oakley, we’ve made it our responsibility to answer the needs of our troops. But this story isn’t about us. It’s about the soldiers with the stones to look fear in the face and smile at the reflection cascading outward from their Iridium® lenses.

High Definition Optics® makes distortion disappear on the battlefield, amplifying enemy terrain by exceeding the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z97.1) clarity testing requirements.

“I have a pair of M-Frame® Strikes® that I use every day on operations in Iraq. During a recent engagement, a round kicked up some debris and caught me right in the face. The glasses not only withstood the hit but deflected whatever it was that flew up. The glasses took the brunt of the hit but spared my face and eyes and kept me in the fight.”

W. Simmons, SA, USAF

Impact Resistance sets industry standards for optical protection and projectile rejection when gravel shoots, sand flings and shrapnel flies.

“We were doing our routine patrol in Iraq when out of nowhere this crazy dude drives his car across five lanes of traffic and right into the HUMVEE I was riding in. I normally sit right behind the driver, so I had the pleasure of looking this dude straight in the eyes right before he blew himself up. I don’t remember the explosion – my next memory was me rolling on down the highway. I had 2nd degree burns to my trigger fingers on both hands, 1st and 2nd degree burns on my face and some bumps and bruises. My doctor told me had I not been wearing my Oakley Half Jackets® I would be blind. The only thing that happened to the glasses was a bunch of scratches from the flying debris. By the way, those EOD guys told us the guy had 400+ lbs. of explosives in his car.”

HM2 (SCW/FMF) T. Chase

Polarized Emission keeps the sun and any other flames of destruction from impeding their vision.

“I operate an m2, .50 Caliber, Heavy Machine Gun. While I was clearing my weapon during a live-fire training exercise, a .50 Caliber round cooked off due to the African heat and exploded right by my face. I received powder burns all over the left side of my face and down my left arm. The only place that I didn’t get injured was my eyes. Thanks to the quality product that you make I had no burns, shrapnel or gunpowder around my eyes and I can continue to stay out here with my fellow Marines.”

R. Steffy, Lcpl, USMC

Unobtanium® nosepieces and earsocks increase grip with perspiration when war gets wet.

“Me and my soldiers were hit with a roadside bomb (IED) that breached the hull of our vehicle. I was wearing Half Jackets® when we were hit and the solider sitting next to me was wearing his M-Frames®. We were both wearing your mountain bike gloves as well. We received 1st degree burns to our faces, except where the glasses were, and 2nd degree burns in between our gloves and uniforms. The protective gear saved our eyes as well as our hands.”

SSG C. Turner

Infusion Molding provides superior clarity when they need crisp, clear vision to carry out their mission.

“I was injured in Iraq on June 9th by an IED attack which left me 70% 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I was wearing a pair of ballistic Oakleys at the time of the attack and they saved my eyes from the blast. Your product is helping protect all military forces that wear them.”

Cpl R. VanWey

And our extensive lens options provide soldiers with true tint diversity because eyewear serves a different purpose on the warpath.

“I’ve worn your glasses for years, and in a recent Afghanistan tour they proved their worth once again. Glasses of this caliber are required every day and night over here for protection from the enemy and the sun. I also use your gloves and desert boots. Thanks for the support.”

K. Ahrens, TSgt, USAF

At Oakley, we’re curators of change. Technology that transforms the course of history while magnifying aesthetics. Our passion redefines what’s possible, so you can defy the limits of conventional wisdom.

“I was critically injured in Iraq by an IED blast. I sustained a piece of shrapnel in my brain and it damaged the part of my brain that allows me to see. I still have a small portion of my vision and my eyes are fine due to the toughness of your product. I was wearing Half Jackets® that day and the lenses saved my eyes from the slivers of shrapnel which hit the front of my head.”

SGT B. Pearce

So what’s in a "thank you"?

Gratitude expressed. Politeness. An emphasis on the speaker or writer’s pleasure in something. Or how about holding someone responsible for an action by thanking them for its end result?

Oakley makes it our responsibility to meet our troops’ needs.
Because freedom isn’t free.


Newbear Lesniewski


August 17, 2007

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