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LaDainian Tomlinson is considered by most to be the best offensive football player in the NFL today. Coming off one of the greatest offensive season’s in history with 28 rushing, 3 receiving and 2 passing touchdowns that accumulated over 2,300 all-purpose yards, LT ran away with the MVP in 2006.

This season looks to be another potential record-breaker as the Chargers are primed to make a run for the Super Bowl. Tomlinson has been wearing the Oakley Shield since his days back at Texas Christian University in the late 90’s and continues to use it in the NFL. A few minutes before yesterday’s practice LT took some time to chat with Oakley about the upcoming season, the ESPYs and what he thinks of our product.

LaDainian you are coming off one of the best offensive seasons in history, what was the one thing you really focused on this off-season to prepare for ’07?

It wasn’t any particular thing, I tried to focus on different parts of my game and kind of do some of the same things I have been doing, by trying to put my body in the most grueling conditions and situations it can be in… sense that is what my body goes through in a full NFL season.

You won four ESPYS this year, what was that like?

I felt like Hollywood… (laughter), I felt like I was winning a Grammy or something, but no it was actually fun to be there and do the red carpet thing, have a chance to see some of the biggest names in sports by meeting them and talking to them… which made it a really great event.

How long have people been calling you LT?

Oh man, since I was about eight or nine years old, yeah so it’s been a long time now – almost 20 years.

You have been wearing the Oakley shield for a while now, what do you think of the product and Oakley as a brand?

Well, you know I have been wearing Oakley – the shield for a long time, since my days back in college (LT played at TCU from 1997 to 2000), and so Oakley has always been something I have really appreciated because I love how the shield works and beyond the shield the glasses are always cool and the different products… it seems Oakley is becoming bigger and bigger with the things they are putting out.

When at TCU you flew under the radar a little more, what about playing for the Chargers allowed you to flourish and really stand out as one of today’s perennial players?

Well, I mean I think by just being in the National Football League period because you are in the NFL and obviously you are going to get a lot of exposure if you have some success, and by being here in San Diego I mean right on up the street is L.A. – one of the biggest markets in the nation… so I think that has helped me a lot. And the way this organization and city have pushed me has helped out a lot as well.

What do you think it will take for the Chargers to go deeper in the play-offs this season?

Well, I think we are just going to focus on ourselves really and when it comes to the big games we don’t want to beat ourselves… that’s the big thing, you can always beat yourselves… you can have the most talent over anybody, but if you beat yourselves by making silly mistakes, then you are going to lose the game… so we are going to focus on ourselves and hopefully good things will happen.


Matt Murray


August 15, 2007