SCI Fundraiser


On Tuesday, Oakley hosted an event that means a lot to Oakley and especially to those of us affected by Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). The Stem Cell Research Fundraiser included Ernesto Fonseca and David Bailey and a list of other athletes who have had accidents and been left with Spinal Cord Injuries. The night’s events were hosted by the one and only Jamie Little.

The featured speaker was the energetic Dr. Hans Kiersted, from UC-Irvine/Reeve Irvine Research Center. Dr. Kiersted believes that a positive breakthrough is coming for spinal injuries very soon. Both David and Ernesto talked about the urgency of moving forward with Dr. Hans’ new treatment, and what needs to be done. Only $1.5 million needs to be raised to take the next step in the labs, but it needs to come from private donations so it’s unrestricted of any government restrictions. (The current administration has blocked stem-cell research on many levels.) Dr. Kiersted discussed his research and findings and talked about all the positive outcomes of his research, before showing some eye-opneing video footage.

The most emotional speech was from the young Ricky James. The young paraplegic decided to give his entire trust fund of $208,000 to the studies of Dr. Kiersted. “Money means nothing compared to the possibility of being able to help myself and others,” said Ricky. “I’d rather work for my money like a normal person then use free money to buy a house.”

You can support the cause by purchasing a Fonseca Band.


Anthony Paggio


July 28, 2007