That Hat: Kip Moore’s Oakley Look Picks Up Steam at CMA Awards, New Music Video


Some artists in showbiz are known for their scandalous style. But for Kip Moore, it’s all about the hat.

Oakley’s ultra unique ‘Country music star and avid surfer’ combo personality has been making ladies swoon all across the United States on his rapid rise to fame this year – sticking his ‘I wear what I want and what I like’ attitude in the face of everyone from the traditional Nashville fan to his own record labels.

In short, he rocks whatever he loves – and whatever reflects his personality.

First known for his original red trucker cap, Kip’s look is now lined with plenty of ‘O.’

An Oakley fan since his early days of surfing on south coast of Georgia – all through his time charging the sets daily in Hawaii for six months while living out of a tent, Country Music’s subtle rebel has been rocking the Big O for years.

His well-documented escape to the Big Island of Hawaii after college – surfing from sun up till’ sundown and writing songs – is something that just doesn’t happen often in Music Town U.S.A.’s sprawling scene.

But for Kip, it all fits like glove, literally.

With new custom-made Oakley hats coming as he became part of Oakley’s prominent Global Entertainment Family, the rising artist is becoming known for his new hats (black and red trucker caps) while he continues to release big time hits (he enjoyed three No. 1 singles in a single year in 2013: “Somethin’ Bout a Truck,” “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl”).

With his first public appearance with his specially-made Oakley caps coming at the prominent CMA Country Music Awards broadcast in early November on ABC – where he was both a presenter and a nominee for ‘Best New Artist’ – he’s following it all up with his black hat taking center stage in his new music video.

Watch “Young Love” – his new single on his new album

Keep your eye on Kip as he continues his rise through the music industry!


Andrew De Lara


January 15, 2014

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