Massive Turnout for World Premier of Jake Blauvelt: Naturally at Oakley HQ


Anyone who doesn’t like deep pow, technical riding, positive vibes and lots of early-season schmoozing was best advised to skip the world premier of Jake Blauvelt’s signature flick, Jake Blauvelt: Naturally, at Oakley HQ. Based on the merits of that previous sentence, you can safely assume that the house was packed.

“I’m just blown away that so many great people came out to see the movie,” Blauvelt said. “This has been a long, hard road to get to where we are today, finally sharing the movie with the snowboarding community, so I feel very honored and humbled tonight.”

Among the masses squeezed into the Oakley lobby were some of the biggest names in the sport (past and present), including Terje Haakonsen, Torstein Horgmo, Mark McMorris, Kevin Pearce, David Benedek, Jack Mitrani, Chanelle Sladics, Pat Moore, Elena Hight and more. Skateboard superstar Ryan Sheckler even made the trip up to Foothill Ranch to check out the much-acclaimed snowboard flick.

The hoots, oohs, whistles and applause were frequent throughout the 35-minute movie, and a standing ovation came at the end. It was a fantastic first night of festivities for the film, but it was just the beginning. Now the movie and Jake and the crew begin their screening world tour and take their project to the masses (get the full schedule HERE).

Check out the gallery for some great moments from the evening.