Lucky 3: Rising Country Rocker Kip Moore Celebrates Three #1 Singles Going Gold in One Year, Rocks Three Oakley OffShoots


A rising Nashville music superstar that’s as passionate about surfing as he is with his guitar…say what?

Meet Kip Moore.

An artist’s story simply doesn’t get more unique. Following his time in College, this Georgia native picked up with nothing more than a backpack, jetted straight for Hawaii and lived on a beach in a tent for six months.

What does one do on a beach for such an extended amount of time? Well, write music and surf from dusk til’ dawn, of course.

A walking contraction in himself, Kip eventually brought his laid-back attitude, passion for surf culture and undeniable talent for rocking with his own style of country music to Nashville. Flash-forward a couple of years and the standout singer/songwriter, armed with his Bruce Springsteen-esque voice, is on a massive roll.

A big bash in Nashville on Aug. 22 saw Kip and team celebrate three recent singles that each hit the Country charts at #1 – “Somthin’ Bout a Truck,” “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl” – going Gold. Oh, and those tracks all saw the top of the pack within a single year, mind you.

And he’s not stopping there.

Currently touring with Toby Keith and set to hit the road with Lady Antebellum, the surfin’ rocker is working on his second album – one that’s sure to knock the socks off music fans everywhere.

“WhenToby asked me to go [on tour] with him, I knew it wasn’t my normal crowd,” Kip said at his #1 party in Nashville. “But that’s what I like. I want to be able to appeal to many people. It also makes you raise your game because you have to learn how to adapt as a performer. I’ll be learning how to adapt when I go out on the Lady A tour. I’m sure their crowd will be a little different than my normal crowd. But I enjoy that part.”

Armed with Oakley gear and a passion for the O lifestyle, Kip Moore is looking to become a household name across the country and beyond. And he’s not far from it.

Congratulations to Kip on three #1 singles, three Gold singles and 3 million downloads!