Niedermayer Still Celebrating


Rob Niedermayer stopped by Oakley Tuesday afternoon “running on fumes” after a non-stop week of celebrating his recent Stanley Cup victory with the Anaheim Ducks, which he shared with brother Scott Niedermayer.

What have you been up to since the win?

It’s been party to party. I still can’t believe it happened. It hasn’t sunk in. I’ve just been running on fumes. There’s been parties, diner at the owner’s…it’s nice to see everyone and to see everyone enjoying themselves.

How did you celebrate that night?

I was on the ice for a long time after. Everyone was out on the ice. Then we went to the dressing room. You couldn’t even move it was so packed. That’s when the champagne started flowing. We celebrated there. The owners had a tent in the lot. We had food, drinks. I didn’t get home until 4am. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been home before 4am all week.

Was winning the Cup as important to you as it was to everyone else?

I think it was even more important to me. I’ve been playing for 14 years and been in two other finals. You never know if you’re going to get a chance like that again. To win with Scott…I couldn’t have written a better script. I’ll remember it forever.

Where are you going to take the Cup?

Scott has a photo on top of Fischer Peak [a mountain near his hometown of Cranbrook, AB] that was really well received. I’d like a picture like that. We’ll have family and friends over.

How much does the crowd play into it when you’re on the ice?

You’re so focused on the game and what your job is, you don’t let your guard down. You hear the crowd, they definitely pump you. It was wasn’t until Corey [Perry] scored the sixth goal that I could finally enjoy the moment. I finally realized, ‘wow, we finally did it’.

So you spend most of the year down here in Southern California and the summers up in Canada, eh?

We enjoy both spots; we’re blessed to have both. Up in Cranbrook, on the ranch, you can’t hear anything. You can’t see your neighbor.

And your wedding is the next event?

It’s going to be really hard to top this year. This summer I get to marry the girl of my dreams and my childhood dream came true last week. What more can you ask for?


Tess Weaver


June 13, 2007