Sneak Peek: Oakley To Launch Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ Monday


The Legend

Oakley and Mark Cavendish have been synonymous for many years. So it is only fitting that the dynamic duo would team up once more for something extraordinary. The Manx Missile and Oakley have gotten together to create a new signature series RadarLock™ sport performance sunglass in honor of one of the greatest sprint cyclists of all time. Oakley created the Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ in celebration of Cav’s achievements and his relentless dedication to push the boundaries of cycling.

Mark Cavendish is currently considered the fastest man on two wheels, without a motor, and he continues to increase his record tally of 23 (and counting) Tour de France sprint stage victories. Cavendish proudly wore the rainbow jersey in 2012, as the road cycling world champion, an honor bestowed on only one man each year. He is a legend on the Champs-Elysées, always a contender for the Green Jersey during the Tour de France. With a new team this season, Cavendish looks primed and ready to further cement his name in the cycling record books, all while sporting his new Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™.

The Eyewear

Cavendish shared his inspirations with the Oakley team in order to come up with the signature “Cavendish Green” frame among other unique characteristics surrounding the launch of this new and exciting signature product. The Cavendish Green of this special edition salutes the color that drives him to win the coveted green “points” jersey of the Tour de France.

Monday, April 1 will mark the launch of the new Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™. Oakley’s ultimate sport performance jewel, RadarLock™ is a vital piece of equipment for Cavendish. Oakley Switchlock™ Technology makes lens changing fast and easy, an essential element of Cav’s sport of cycling where weather and light conditions can change at any moment.

Included in the Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ package are two patented Path shaped lenses with venting to keep the rider cool. Both the Jade Iridium® and G40™ lenses, included in the package, aid in creating balanced light transmission that enhances contrast to boost depth perception. Jade Iridium is optimal for bright sun, while G40™ can be used for a clear view to the finish line on cloudy days. All Oakley lenses offer unrivaled impact protection and 100% UV filtering of Plutonite® lens material. Finally, Cavendish’s logo will be laser etched at the corner of the lens to make this a true collectible.

The Package

Oakley didn’t want to simply stop with the sunglass itself to emphasize the special edition status of this signature piece. The special edition package will include a custom Microclear™ bag for lens cleaning and frame storage, and a pocket on the bag holds the extra lens. One of the most unique characteristics of this new product launch is the inclusion of a one-size-fits-all cycling cap from Rapha® made of a cotton/polyester blend, with silver printed highlights including Cav’s logo. This was a vital piece of equipment Cavendish wanted included in his signature series piece.

“A cycling cap is a sweat barrier, wind deflector, sun screen and more, but I wear one to honor the heritage of the sport and the riders from those early years who laid the foundation for cycling to become what it is today,” Cav said. “They’ll always be part of the peloton.”

(Please note that inclusion of the cap is limited to the one-time initial launch of this signature series product).

The Inspiration

Oakley is proud to call Mark Cavendish part of their family and it was a privilege to team up with the cycling legend to create this limited edition signature series sunglass. It truly honors one of the greatest champions of all time and the sport for which he and Oakley have a common love. The Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ will be a prominent part of The Manx Missile’s equipment as he toes the line of the 100th running of the esteemed Tour de France, later this year.

“I’m proud to be part of the Oakley family as I strive to earn a place among champions,” said Cav. “I respect Oakley’s drive to defy all limits, and RadarLock™ is the ultimate cycling eyewear. It was a tremendous honor to team up with Oakley for this special edition.”

Look for the Oakley Mark Cavendish Signature Series RadarLock™ in your local bike shop, Oakley Store, or on, beginning this Monday, April 1, 2013. In the mean time, check out Cav himself opening his signature series piece for the very first time:


John Ohail


March 28, 2013

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