iTunes Music Store is now compatible with Oakley THUMP product line


Today, Apple® announced iTunes® Plus on the iTunes Music Store. iTunes Plus offers higher-quality, DRM-free music. This means that music purchased through iTunes® Plus can be played on other digital music players that support the AAC (.m4a) music format, such as Oakley’s THUMP Pro and THUMP 2. The music purchased from iTunes® Plus can also be easily converted into the MP3 music format (through iTunes®), which makes it compatible with the entire THUMP product line.

Currently, only music from EMI Records is available on iTunes® Plus. However, this is expected to change as more music labels begin to adopt this new, user-friendly model. If you have already purchased music through the iTunes® Music Store and if that music is also available in iTunes® Plus, you can upgrade your music to the DRM-Free, Oakley THUMP product line-compatible version. To take advantage of this new service, and THUMP compatibility with the iTunes® Music Store, simply download and install version 7.2 of iTunes®.

THUMP® is a registered trademark of Thump Records, Inc.


Staff Writer


June 04, 2007