Golfing In Florida


The Rolling O Lab and its all-star team of professional hit men made its maiden voyage to the sunshine state. The first stop was the University of Florida Gators men’s golf team.

When the Gator golf team showed up for practice on Wednesday they we’re instructed by head coach Buddy Alexander  to report to the Rolling O Lab, set up on campus near the golf facility for the days training. Early arrivers enjoyed video games on the big screen and refreshments in the hospitality area.

When all players finally arrived two of the hit-team members unleashed the thunder of what optical performance and impact protection are all about. The players received the presentation, questions were answered, and then all were fitted and received the latest golf performance products in the Flak Jacket and Radar lines.

Next stop were a couple key surf retailers up in the Jacksonville area. Demos were done education and knowledge was handed out to anyone and everyone.

Those stops were followed up with a few days worth of demos and burgers at Edwin Watts golf shop on Turkey Lake road in Orlando. Edwin Watts staff and it customers were mesmerized by the whole the O Lab experience.

Store manager Ed Thatcher called me the next day begging to have the O Lab back over.

First Ever Grass Roots Bling Bling Invitational

It was called the Bling Bling Invitational because everyone who was in attendance is a gem in the FL golf business.  Every head pro, coach and golf retail manager, accompanied by their assistants, enjoyed one fun day golfing with the O Crew. We had the heads of state from Lake Nona, Isleworth, Celebration, Country Club of Orlando, Red Tail, Grand Cypress plus several Edwin Watts associates. We had a couple foursomes from south Florida as well as some from west Florida.

The centerpiece of the tournament was the Rolling O Lab and its staff of hardworking gunslingers. The dimension these guys added was all-time.

The Rolling O Lab team put 100% effort into a most impressive build out and the hospitality they offered made this event!

The tournament was organized like most others, the staff at Falcons Fire Golf Resort in Orlando, FL played host for the event; laying down the red carpet for the guests like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

We had the normal closest to the pin contest, but we added closest to the mystery spot on the par threes and closest to the monster tire on a long drive hole. We had a putting contest and offered helicopter rides as well.

Besides offering top of the line prizes, we had a pack of beauties at registration and on all of the contest holes – this added great entertainment value for this group of boys. We invited 120 players to play, 119 showed up. The 120th player was quickly replaced by one of three guys standing by for any withdraws.

Everyone was a winner – especially Oakley. This event was a great opportunity for Oakley’s unique style and attitude to be exposed and enjoyed by these big retailers, decision makers and opinion leaders.  We have further encouraged a solid retail base in Florida and it’s these kinds of events that separate our brand from the stiff shirt normal goers.