Bike Week in South Carolina


Bass Pro Shops of Myrtle Beach, S.C. welcomed Oakley, Inc. and its’ Rolling O Lab to BIKE WEEK May 2007. 350,000 bikers from all across the USA converged on Myrtle Beach in May to celebrate the lifestyle only true Bikers understand. Vendors from as far as Germany came to show off the art of building motorcycles from the ground up. A bike rally to rival the likes of Daytona and Sturgis.

The parking lot of Bass Pro Shops became a festival of Bikers for the whole week and for the first time ever Oakley, Inc. was on hand to share the art of High Definition Optics. Dee Dee Quinones, General Manager of Bass Pro Shops, graciously provided the O Lab with more than enough space, free of charge I might add, to deliver the HDO experience. Dee Dee, we can’t thank you enough. I have to give a shout out to Amy Fletcher for coordinating such an incredible event.

Ryan and the O Lab crew; Brian, Zach, Adam, Aaron, Mando, and myself started bright and early Saturday, May 12th sending staff from local National Accounts such as SGH, Hibbett Sports, Champs, and of course Bass Pro Shops through the O Lab to experience the art and dominance of High Definition Optics. As a National Account Sales Rep for Oakley, Inc., I’m on the road preaching the benefits of HDO to my accounts all over North and South Carolina and I like to think I connect with everyone I come in contact with but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can compare to experiencing the art of High Definition Optics firsthand. Every account that walked through the lab was knocked off their feet when they saw with their own eyes the technology, passion, and heart that Oakley, Inc. puts in to every single piece of eyewear we make.

By noon and into the evening we were sharing the HDO experience with bikers from all over the country. So many people have heard that Oakley, Inc. makes sunglasses but very few have ever had the chance to see for themselves why we dominate the industry in sport and fashion. The High Mass and High Velocity tests seemed to be the Biker favorite, proof that we do indeed have a product that can enhance the riding experience while providing unrivaled impact protection as well. South Carolina is one of the few states that still does not enforce the use of a helmet but does require the use of eyewear while riding. The impact tests brought about a new awareness to so many bikers that thought “sunglasses are sunglasses.” We heard so many bikers, men and women, say they could not believe the clarity and impact protection that HDO provides which is exactly what makes the O Lab such a valuable tool.

The Rolling O Lab truly left its mark on Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2007 and we are already looking forward to 2008. So many bikers and vendors from so many places were able to enjoy and experience firsthand what so few get the chance too, Oakley, Inc.’s High Definition Optics. I cannot stress enough the positive impact that the Rolling O Lab brings with it and anyone that gets the opportunity to experience it for them selves will not be disappointed. Check out the Rolling O Lab Road Schedule for the nearest event and get out and experience it for yourself, “Technology So Superior, Its An Art Form.”