Wally Lopez! International DJ/Producer Soars With Latest Music Video, Talks New Album


Wally’s New Single: "Can’t Stop The Beat

The glasses say it all.

Well known throughout the European music scene and abroad for his ultra bright, bold Oakley eyewear and an even bolder personality, Wally Lopez stands out like a highlighter in a box of charcoal. Literally.

The Oakley International Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist/producer has been shaking the planet with deep, ear busting, bass-heavy tech-house tracks since the early 2000’s. And one thing is certain. This funky Spaniard simply can’t stop the beat.

Officially stepping onto the scene with a massive remix of his friend (and House music megastar) David Guetta’s track, Just a Little More Love in 2002, Wally, who’s undoubtedly the top DJ in his native Spain, has been a bright staple in the Ibiza party scene – holding a super prominent residency at the island’s famed Space Ibiza venue.

He hasn’t slowed down since, pumping out banging singles with his signature rhythms – both through his traditional tech house flavor and an evolving sound. (And, of course, his signature prescription Oakley Frogskin eyewear in bright neon colors to add to the light spectacles typical of electronic shows.)

Although he’s been rising in worldwide fame by rocking sold out venues all across the globe – from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America and North America – the jolly Spanish music junkie has yet more ground to conquer.

As the electronic scene, already huge in Europe for decades, pushes more and more into the mainstream music scene around the World and especially in the United States, Wally’s newest tracks reflect his progression in his westward expansion.

With a brand new single out through his recent signing with EMI Spain, Wally is giving the world a taste of his pop repertoire with “Can’t Stop The Beat,” featuring Jamie Scott of the British group, Graffiti6.

Peep the video above – then soak in some of his latest thoughts below:

Oakley: How excited are you to be on EMI Spain and dropping these sick new videos?

Wally: Very, very excited! I think joining EMI music has been very important in taking the next step: Treating the productions as songs instead of just tracks and giving them the full treatment they deserve with these videos. I’m happy, very excited and super impressed.

Oakley: Your new ‘sound’ is a bit different from the traditional ‘Wally sound’ – in that it sounds a little bit more mainstream (less Tech House). Is this the direction all your future music will be taking?

Wally: Well…not really…I’m still playing quite a ‘techhousy’ sound. But I started getting tired of making tracks that were being forgotten in two months. The album will be quite pop, but with the typical Wally Lopez touch in the rhythm the most. But yes, it’s definitely more stream though.

Oakley: What are your thoughts on your new sound reaching out to a broader fan base and different markets?

Wally: Well, it’s better for the most part. People are loving it. It’s true that some underground fans are little bit lost with my last 2 singles. But I have a nice surprise coming for them in a month or so :) Markets like North America are definitely accepting my new sounds better.

Oakley: Tell me about the pop singers you’ve been working with lately. How has your experience been? Are there any big name mainstream artists you’ll be working with in the near future?

Wally: I’m in touch with a huge pop artist. We are talking a lot to make something happen, but nothing in the pipe quite yet. I love to work with pop artists. I’m learning so many new ways to see music, and I love to learn. I’m so happy with this.

Oakley: Tell me about the rest of your new album. Can we expect some surprises and some different types of tracks in the upcoming batch of singles?

Wally: Yes, absolutely. We are putting out some “less pop” songs in the album, but all of them have lyrics. As noted, I don’t wanna have songs out that will be forgotten in two months. Hopefully you all like it, because I put all my heart into this project.

Oakley: What’s your favorite model of Oakleys right now? Which ones have been getting you the most compliments from people lately?

Wally: I’ve been wearing Frogskins in the last two or three years…I love them so so so so much. And I have so many colors that everyone has been asking me a lot about. But as I’m a DJ, people love when I wear backlight colors on my glasses in a club. You can see me from miles away LOL!


Andrew De Lara


December 10, 2012

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